The G7 calls on the Taliban to rescind the ban on women in NGOs

The diplomatic heads of the Group of Seven superpowers on Thursday called on the Taliban to “urgently” reverse a ban on “irresponsible and dangerous” women working for non-governmental organisations, which could affect “millions of Afghans”.

In a press statement, the foreign ministers of the Group of Industrialized Countries (the United States, France, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Japan) called on the Taliban to urgently reverse its decision.

They say they are “extremely concerned” about an irresponsible and dangerous ban […] This puts at risk the millions of Afghans who depend on humanitarian aid for their survival.”

The Taliban, who seized power in Kabul in August 2021 and whose authority is not recognized by most of the international community, banned women and girls after a few days from pursuing university studies and working for national or international NGOs.

Many NGOs depend on their female staff and would not be able to operate without them.

On Monday, several NGOs suspended their activities there, and the Taliban threatened to revoke the permits of organizations that do not respect the decree.

Without the participation of women who play a “central role”, “NGOs will not be able to reach the most vulnerable people in the country to provide them with food, medicine, means of winter survival and other items and services they need to live,” by the G7 ministers. , which was joined by several countries including Switzerland, the Netherlands, Denmark and Australia.

They denounced that “the Taliban continues to show its disdain for the rights, freedoms, and well-being of the Afghan people, especially women and girls, and their lack of interest in normal relations with the international community.”

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