The future of Renault Espace 2023: a new recipe

Renault Austral Esprit Alps blue iron

Renault Espace disappeared a few months ago, but its return is already scheduled for 2023! As you can imagine, Renault is not going to revive the big family pickup truck formula. So it is a large family SUV that will have the privilege of …

But to save money, Renault will not renew the creation of a particular model starting with a blank sheet of paper. So the brand was inspired by the Peugeot model, with the 3008/5008 SUV doubling.

Renault Austral base for the next Espace

Renault will improve its costs by introducing its new car Southern SUV under two additional bodies. Thus, the Austral Coupe will be presented in 2024, and should replacearcana.

The second new body will be an extended version of the Austral, with a retractable third row of seats in the trunk. This new model will be about twenty centimeters longer than the Austral model. So it will be very close to it, with a large number of body parts in common. This increased length will affect not only the rear overhang: the wheelbase will also be increased.

Thus, Renault will be able to compete with Peugeot 5008And the Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace, Skoda Kodiaq and April X-trail.

Hybrid engines for the new Renault Espace

Unlike all the spaces presented since the creation of the model, this new generation will bypass the diesel. On the contrary, you will focus on hybrid engines. It is not difficult: he will have to choose from the new engines offered on the Austral. At the entry level, it will be a 1.2 Mild Hybrid with 130 horsepower, more accessible than the E-Tech Full hybrid with 160 and 200 horsepower. There are even rumors of an increase in the rechargeable hybrid engine to 280 horsepower. It is enough to ensure a certain advanced level, with a power that can stir up competition. On the other hand, a 100% electric version is not scheduled for the moment…

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The future Renault Espace will also be able to count on a modern multimedia system with beautiful screens, which can make the competition shy.

So the announced program looks complete and interesting for this new model, which should make people forget about the old generation of Espace with a more convincing style and modern engines.

Renault Austral Esprit Alpine Blue Iron
The future Renault Espace will be very close to Austral

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