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Francophonie month

UdeM speaks firmly in French, always banging to the beat of French. Each person’s history and roots intertwine to paint a vibrant picture of Francophonie is common, inclusive and open to the world.

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In the text of the article, the term “Francophone space” will be used to refer to groups that express a sense of belonging to the French language and to Francophone cultures.

How do you reconcile the French-speaking space with openness to the world?

At UdeM, privilege embodies this reconciliation. It contributes to giving life to our Francophone personality, to assuming our leadership in the Francophone space with conviction, opening wide windows to the world, attracting talents from all over the world, and promoting the French language internationally.

Let’s also call it Francophone identity. It allows us to expand our community and have an open international conversation. We are not talking about turning in on oneself, but about opening up to multiple Francophone identities in Francophone spaces, which are also plural.

What role do francophone universities play in the future of the francophone world?

What about UdeM’s role towards the student community?

UdeM’s global education trains citizens of the world as French becomes a breeding ground for multilingualism. Using French as a starting point for various language areas, UdeM makes its language of instruction key to training multilingual students. The members of the student community thus become true ambassadors of the French language, able to promote this gem in a variety of cultural contexts where linguistic affinity takes shape. Nothing more, nothing less, the French language opens your horizons and perspectives to the world!

English is not separate from French. However, the French must continue to occupy the place of their choice. To realize the importance of bilingualism in the university environment, we must first become aware of the specifics and richness of the French language.

Moreover, UdeM proposes a very promising project in terms of excellence. The Intensive Program in University French (PIFU) allows students who have not demonstrated the required level of proficiency in the French language to master their skills in this subject. The program lasts for four months, is delivered entirely online and is the start of a smooth academic journey.

Learn more about the programme

Where is the Francophone center of gravity?

The francophone world is currently at a crossroads. This is not a strange establishmentObservatory of the Economic Francophonie, She invested in topics such as the development of the francophone world and the role of developing countries, particularly in Africa.

The University of Montreal has a place of your choice in store. Besides imparting knowledge, you will be strongly involved in the uniqueness of your background, in building the knowledge that exists at the confluence of different influences and experiences.

The French language is the common denominator that unites our student community. In a completely new context for these new students, the French language emerges as a reference of identity, a welcoming space, and as the basis of a shared history. The French language and a proud Udemian community provide a more stimulating and interesting education.

UdeM is a great human network. We are proud to welcome students from diverse backgrounds and bring them together in the arms of the French language. This diversity is its richness, and this language is its main vector. And you, what colors would you bring to this wonderful mural of francophiles?

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