The future of China, America and the planet

At the Glasgow Climate Summit, despite everyone shouting “the end of the world is at 7 am”, some countries made clear and firm promises.

Good. Nearly 90 countries have pledged to drastically reduce their methane emissions. What will happen to them if they do nothing? Not much.

Biden believes his presence in COP26 will improve the image of the United States. He will have a hard time convincing allies and opponents that he can make a difference in the United States and around the world. Because they were wealthy with members of his own party, after negotiations he was forced to revise his electoral program in order to be approved by Congress.

Who still trusts Americans?

None of the promises made by Biden can be taken lightly. Trump supporters will return to power in 2022 and 2024. About 50 million Republican voters still believe Biden stole the election. The Republican Party and the Democratic right are being funded by the lobbies of deadly forces (oil, gas, coal, etc.), all of which have the means to stop and even reclaim it.

On the fundamental issue of our time, more than a quarter of the elected officials in Congress, 109 delegates and 30 senators, refuse to acknowledge the existence of global warming of human origin, despite clear scientific evidence. This includes 52% of House Republicans and 60% of Senate Republicans. These 139 so-called “climate deniers” have received more than $ 61 million from polluting industries, according to the U.S. Center for Development. To appear foolish to the chosen hypocrite will pay off.

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However, by 2020, the United States experienced 22 “extreme weather events” each causing more than $ 1 billion in damage.

Xi’s China chooses coal heavily

The situation is even more hopeless on the side of China, the world’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. This country should play a key role in COP26. But his dictator Xi Jinping did not attend the conference. Decided there was no longer any offer.

Unable to meet its electricity needs, China is increasing its coal production at great cost to the environment. Xi has personally promised that the country’s greenhouse gas emissions will peak by 2030. Beijing is trying to divert attention by highlighting the huge investments it is making in solar and wind power. One does not compensate for the other.

Ten more days of blah-blah, as environmental activist Greta Dunberg told them.

I’m afraid the tip has already passed. We need to start preparing for the worst. I hope that in Ottawa, as in Quebec, there are ongoing discussions about how to reduce the impact of global warming and the resulting environmental degradation on our lives.

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