The funeral of Prince Philip: Here is the reason for the release of the royal pigeon this afternoon (photos)

The funeral for Prince Philip, who died last Friday at the age of 99, is taking place at Windsor Castle, west London. The pigeon release this morning is organized by the “Royal Pigeon Racing Association” (RPRA). but why?

The Duke of Edinburgh will rest on Saturday in the royal vault of St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. While the funeral began at 3 PM (Belgian time), he was also honored earlier in the morning. Such a pigeon release was made by members of the Royal Racing Pigeon Association (RPRA), an organization that regulates pigeon racing in the United Kingdom.

10 Baths were released at the same time honoring the Duke of Edinburgh. Each one represents Prince Philip’s decade: in all, the ten pigeons represent 100 years, the age Prince Philip would have had in two months.

A way for the “Royal Pigeon Racing Association” to honor the late Duke of Edinburgh, but also to thank the royal family for their commitment to this national sport.

“We were very sad to know the Duke of Edinburgh had disappeared. So we wanted to pay tribute to him and show our support to the royal family,” RPRA Director Ian Evans explained to Hampshire Chronicle. “The RPRA and the royal family are closely related thanks to the family’s strong interest in the sport for over 100 years. We wanted to celebrate this by launching 10 pools across the country. “

“When the Duke accompanied the Queen to Sandringham Estate, he was always interested in the royal pigeon. We thought this pigeon launch would be a good tribute,” RPRA Director continued.

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Furthermore, the Queen is the president of RPRA and herself is an avid pigeon breeder. The bathhouse has been owned by the royal family since the end of the nineteenth century, a tradition that Elizabeth II has maintained.

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