The former US ambassador to Israel dives into the business world. – Valley of Israel

Former US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has opened an office for his new strategic investment fund Liberty in Tel Aviv, which will be headed by former US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman.

“We are opening an office here because of amazing technology, particularly in cybersecurity and financial technology, which are two of our main areas of interest,” said Steven Mnuchin of the conference room.

Steven Mnuchin said Liberty Strategy is looking to make significant investments in “proven technology and business models where there is still a tremendous amount of growth,” but it is not a venture capital fund.

Friedman said running Mnuchin’s investment office in Israel is the rare job that combines work and work for a cause he deeply believes in.

I love this country and the past four years have been a blessing to be here, and I want to participate in the future growth of Israel.

This is the growth of Israel. “It’s part of what makes the country great, it creates jobs, a growth maker and a space around Israel that is admired by the world.”

Regarding working with Mnuchin, Friedman said, “I wanted to engage with the smartest men.”

Gabriel Attal (Radio C).

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