The foreign ministers of Central Asian countries and the United States will hold the 5+1 summit

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Foreign ministers of Central Asian countries and the United States held the fourth round of the 5+1 summit in the Kazakh capital of Astana on Tuesday.

“According to the agenda, the two sides discussed issues of economic, energy, humanitarian and educational cooperation, as well as cooperation in the fields of border security and terrorism,” said a press release issued by the Kyrgyz Foreign Ministry.

The foreign ministers stressed the importance of continuing consultations and dialogue on issues aimed at minimizing the impact of sanctions and preventing the application of possible secondary sanctions, while taking into account the interests of all parties.

“At the end of the meeting, the foreign ministers of Central Asia and the United States reaffirmed their commitment to continue cooperation within the framework of the C5 + 1 formula.

In a joint press conference with Kazakh Foreign Minister Mukhtar Teloberdy, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said concrete ways to further advance common goals in savings, energy, environment and safety.

Blinken also announced that the United States will contribute $25 million in addition to the $25 million already announced to the Central Asia Economic Resilience Initiative, which was launched in September 2022 to strengthen the economy. regional, and “in particular to ensure that people have the skills they need to succeed in this global economy.”

For his part, Teluberdi said that Kazakhstan appreciates the commitment of the United States to strengthening cooperation with Central Asia.

“Our country pursues a balanced multilateral foreign policy in accordance with its diplomatic priorities, and Central Asia and the United States remain our main partners,” he said.

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He added that the C5+1 mechanism had established itself as an “effective regional diplomatic platform for promoting economic cooperation, security and sustainable development in Central Asia”, and that the meeting provided an opportunity to discuss cooperation in a wide range of areas, such as food security, counter-terrorism, energy, environment and other issues.

C5 + 1 was created on the initiative of former US President Barack Obama during the 2015 United Nations General Assembly. It is the main platform for dialogue between the United States and Central Asian countries, namely Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan.

* Translated from English by Mourad Belhaj

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