The first space tourists arrived at the International Space Station

Michael Lopez Allegria, a 63-year-old former NASA astronaut, is now an employee of the company Axiom, which organized the flight, and has visited the International Space Station before.

The other three crew members paid tens of millions of dollars each for the experience. The leading role is occupied by Larry Connor, president of a real estate company.

Mark Bathy is the president of an investment firm and former pilot Eitan Stipe is the co-founder of an investment fund.

Beginners have already visited the space station, especially in the 2000s. Last year, Russia sent a camera crew there, and then a Japanese billionaire. But these missiles flew on board Soyuz rockets accompanied by astronauts.

Axiom Space purchased transportation from SpaceX and paid NASA to use its station.

The four men have a busy schedule, with about 25 trials on aging, heart health, and even stem cells.

Axiom Space has reached an agreement for a total of four missions with SpaceX, and NASA has already formally approved the second axis principle, Axis 2.

For Axiom Space, this is the first step toward an ambitious goal: to build its own space station.

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