The first signs of a return to normal life for those who have been vaccinated

This is a question that some French people have been asking themselves, and the Americans have had some answers since Monday, March 8th. What can I do? What are the recommendations after I get vaccinated? A question that already worries me 33 million Americans, 1 in 10: two-dose or one-dose vaccinated Johnson & Johnson. As a reminder, 2 million people in France have been completely vaccinated. Or 3% of the population

Therefore, these recommendations are provided by the CDC (Center for Infectious Diseases) because it is clearly the first step, the first door to return to normal life. When can I run my life before this? This is obviously the most shared question and the most masterpiece at the moment. It goes through the vaccine, of course.

Now, getting back to normal life is about a lot of grandparents eagerly awaiting this news. Some have not been able to see or kiss their children or grandchildren for almost a year.

Breathing fresh air for seniors

So this introduction is made, with recommendations from US health officials here. Those who have been fully vaccinated may reunite with others who have been fully vaccinated. It may seem logical, but it will be A real relief for the elderly in retirement homes For example. Many suffer from loneliness. This means they can talk to each other, play cards and eat together.

The second important thing is that these people rReceive visits from non-hazardous “unannounced” individuals. Prioritize, tell officers, family or close friends within the group. But it is also a green light for grandparents to watch and hug their children and grandchildren.

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Be careful, these people should always wear masks in public places where social exclusion is recommended. Now, Long trips are always encouraging. These recommendations are about the United States, not that they are right in France. But health policies can often be seen to coexist.

This is encouraging news, but as one doctor put it: “We get vaccinated quickly, but We have to go all the way. Otherwise all work will be screwed on“.

Awareness on a dull face

Because in the United States this gospel is sometimes accompanied by publications that qualify as criminal publications. We talked about this last week, and a lot of American states have relaxed the rules. Very fast, according to the federal government. We even saw anti-mask demonstrations. Those who burn masks in public. Sometimes they tell their kids to do it. A way of violating Washington and claiming that these actions are independent.

Another concern of the moment is the popular “spring break”. These meetings of young students, especially in Florida, are for dinner. We begin to look at pictures of the meetings. So it is difficult for everyone, but not to blame them This may interfere with health policy.

Total relaxation is not yet available because there are always uncertainties, especially the duration of vaccine protection. Everyone, every country is stumbling right now, but these recommendations for those who have been vaccinated should be categorized as good news. We should not miss it this time.

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