The first professionals moved to the Arlanc Health Center (Puy-de-Dôme)

Arlanc Health Space is no longer in the project phase, but in the investigation phase. Work began in September 2019 and was completed in June. The first healthcare professionals immediately moved into entirely new spaces. “Here we have come to the end of this construction,” breathes Jean Savinel, the mayor, “very happy” to see a long-term project come to fruition.Coraline Pleno, Valerie Brunier and Sylvie Bard are among the first professionals to join the wellness space. Mayor Jean Savignel received support in this project by Representatives Sylvie Dimathew, Bernadette Favier and Leon Cladier (absent in the photo).

On an empty plot of 1000 m2 very close to the city center, the municipality has built an area of ​​400 m2 on one level, accompanied by a car park. The waiting room is located in the center.

Everywhere are the offices of many health professionals, some of which are specially designed. Professionals also benefit from a meeting room, bathroom and archive room.Professional bath.

Health professionals attracted

As planned from the beginning, the Nursing Clinic Prunier-Michel-Dumeil moved its headquarters from the city center to the new health center, as well as the “Arlanc Ambulance”. The local doctor, Dr. Boyer, will be joining the venue at the end of August.

While the project was being built, other caregivers hung the locomotive. Thus, two physiotherapists (who also practice precision physiotherapy) will soon arrive from Normandy. Two psychologists are also expected in a joint office, as well as a gastroenterological and endocrine surgeon. Guillaume Hebrard, the city’s physiotherapist, has opened a second clinic in the health field, to practice his second specialty: orthopedics.

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In Arlanc (Puy-de-Dôme), the health center is expected in June 2021, with a desire to attract a second doctor

met him

Finally, the very young midwife settles into liberalism thanks to the creation of this healthy space. Coraline Pleno, 27, from the Lyon region, has lived in Ambert for three years. She always worked in clinics or hospitals, as was the case for her last position, which she left at Montbrisson.

“I always wanted to be liberal to be independent and to be able to manage my time with patients as I saw fit,” she explains. When I heard that a wellness space was being organized in Arlanc, I wanted to be part of the project. “

Coraline Pleno met him

The main advantage she sees in this structure is the ability to “work collaboratively” with other health professionals, such as doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists, for the benefit of her patients. In addition, in this structure she benefits “from a new room, which is not necessarily the case when one settles down. The arrival of this midwife to Arlanc will make up for the deficiency and reduce delays for patients”, especially since she takes care not only of the entire pregnancy, but also of Classical Gynecology Follow up on women of all ages.

Friendliness, calm and brightness

Proximity to other caregivers is also what pleases Guillaume Hebrard, but more for the sake of “cohabitation”. He separated his two activities to better distinguish them, as patients tend to confuse them. “And then, a healthy space provides vision,” he adds.

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Paramedic secretary Sylvie Bard appreciates her “bright” desk. Previously, our headquarters was in the city center, and there was a lot of crowding. I’m calmer here for work. “

The most pleasant office is also held by Valerie Brunner, a nurse who is also a city councilman and vice president responsible for health issues at ALF. The old treasury in the city center was “much smaller and old. Makes you want to do more care in the office.” He and his three colleagues plan to re-perpetuate the site, as well as home care, which has not been for some time. She also hopes that this new workspace will make nursing practice attractive.

“There are three of us over the age of 50. We are not retiring tomorrow but these are things to expect. We hope to integrate other colleagues and organize the succession.”

Valerie Brunner nurse

Doctors are looking

Attractiveness is the key word the municipal team relies on to bring in GPs. To support and then ensure the succession of the municipal doctor. This is his main challenge now, especially since the telemedicine project has been abandoned to this day. “We have room for two doctors, if that encourages the couple…”, suggests Bernadette Favier, First Aid.Medicine cabinet.

It is hoped that more work will be done in 2022. After acquiring a nearby garage, Town Hall is considering demolishing it and using the future space that was left free. Additional parking is being considered.

With one doctor per 2,000 inhabitants, Livradois-Forez (Puy-de-Dôme) lies in the heart of a medical desert

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