The first hotel in space to see daylight in 2027

A California startup has embarked on a project that’s as futuristic as it is Pharaonic: to create the world’s first space hotel. If all goes well, construction of the Voyager Terminal will begin in 2025 and it will welcome its first passengers two years later.

Dipping a croissant into your coffee pot while admiring the Earth from space always makes you dream about? In 2027, this futuristic fantasy may be ready to go (provided your wallet is full, of course). California startup Orbital assembly company Advertise the establishment “Voyager Station”, the first space hotel in low Earth orbit. Its construction should begin in 2025, before it can welcome the first passengers (400 maximum) two years later.

Designed as a cruise ship, this is an 11,600 sq.m. circular vessel – somewhat similar in design to 2001: Space Flight By Stanley Kubrick – would suggest Restaurants, bars, gym, spa, movie theater, even the basketball court. A small bonus for those wanting to enjoy heavenly landscapes: Observation decks will be set up below the hotel to view the beautiful Blue Planet Say hello. For a futuristic touch, the ship will also feature 3D holograms, digital wall art, an interactive digital table, and a few robots.

The space station will orbit Earth every 90 minutes

The hotel will consist of 24 residential units, 20 meters long and 12 meters wide, and will work on itself to generate an artificial appeal that allows its passengers to stand. On its website, the startup specifies this Gravity will be about one-sixth of that on Earth, which is the same as the level of gravity on the Moon. The space station will orbit Earth every 90 minutes, at an altitude of 1,200 miles (1,900 km).

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“So, how much will that cost? Historically, space travel has cost as much as $ 25 million., Can we read on the website, which also states that the hotel will provide its guests with all possible amenities imaginable (if the cost of accommodation ends up at this price, we hope so).

If this crazy project sees the light in six years, it will be one of the most ambitious and revolutionary initiatives of our century. expected, SpaceX’s first cruise flight is scheduled to be launched at the end of 2021.

© Orbital Assembly

© Orbital Assembly

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