The first female urine was born in the UK

By Elsia Columb | On 05/26/2021 at 6:29 pm | Updated on 05/26/2021 at 6:42 pm

Urination was previously reserved for our boyfriends, but Amber Propane and Hazel McShane are determined to make a difference. Both alumni of the University of Bristol designed the UK’s first non-contact female urinal for outdoor events. Say goodbye and then stand in line for hours in front of the women’s restrooms, saying goodbye on the alternate by gentlemen who have no paper.

The goal of a perfect role model

To create the most relevant model, the two interviewed nearly 200 women. My question would have been where to put my evening sidekicks in pairs during our urinals. But the two young women seem to have thought of everything. Attractive colors, somewhat glossy, low bowl to offset any risk of contact with the object. But above all, an arrangement cleverly designed to allow for the most important: room for two (or even three depending on the number of drinks consumed). While one is riding the bowl with emotion, the other can stand for a glance. The exchange of characters is always done with the same ease when the discussion is in full swing. The specification must be done effectively so that it does not show anything when you return with the rest of the group. I can already see myself there.

But it is necessary to wait until 2022 for the signed urine Balance Be a part of the landscape of our festivals and concerts, while at the same time being our urine partners. It provides relief!

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