The first disturbance within the Sunak government

The first scandal, the first resignation from Rishi Sunak’s government: On Tuesday 8 November, Gavin Williamson, a minister (without portfolio) and confidant of the new British Prime Minister, was forced to resign, just two weeks after taking office, in the face of a stack of revelations and allegations against him. His colleagues, conservative MPs like him, accuse him of threatening and even harassing them to achieve his ends.

The 46-year-old MP, former education minister of Boris Johnson, former defense minister and “chief whip” (in charge of parliamentary group discipline) Theresa May, was known for his political skill, but he has maintained a reputation as a master of dirty work for the Conservative Party. He offered his hand to Rishi Sunak on his first attempt to enter Downing Street this summer – losing to Liz Truss. Help him again, at the end of October, replacing M.I gears when initially pushed back, neutralizing Boris Johnson’s attempt to return.

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But the British media was quick to reveal, shortly after Mr. Williamson was appointed to Sunak’s government, the accusations made against him by Wendy Morton, the former head of the whip Liz Truss. The Sunday times Privately posted threatening messages He had sent to the deputy, accusing her of denying him and other elected officials access to Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral on September 19, on the grounds that they were not close to Liz Truss.

Other testimonies emerged from elected officials and government employees highlighting the brutal practices of the former president. On Tuesday, Wendy Morton filed a formal complaint with the ICGS, the Parliamentary body in Westminster responsible for investigating MPs’ misconduct. Internal revenge.. The ego is still alive within a party that has been undermined by the factions.. Who is the fifth prime minister in six years? However, Mr. Williamson’s position has become untenable.

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Doubts about Rishi Sunak’s rule

In his resignation letter, which was posted on Twitter on Tuesday evening, the MP for Staffordshire (in the Midlands) denied having “harassment” his colleagues, but admitted that the allegations against him hindered “Good work progress” for the government. This departure would be fictional if it did not fuel doubts about Rishi Sunak’s rule. In the spring of 2019, Williamson was forced to step down as defense secretary, after Theresa May suspected him of leaking information following a national security meeting. He was then a mid-level minister of education.

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