The first debate between the two contenders for Johnson’s succession

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On Monday evening, July 25, the first televised debate between the two candidates for the leadership of the Conservative Party took place in London. Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and former Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak clashed in a heated exchange mainly around economic issues.

With our correspondent in London, Cydoni Goucher

A tense debate took place on Monday evening between the two finalists to succeed Boris Johnson. At the heart of the controversy are taxes and their differing tax policies.

Liz Truss said she wanted to cut taxes: Everyone understands that covid-19 is a once-in-a-century event, and by trying to bail out, we hurt our economy, ultimately causing recessions, putting people out of work, and hurting hard-working taxpayers. See their taxes go up against what we promised Report»

For Rishi Sunak, “ Nothing conservative Liz Truss’ attitude and her economic policy lead to 7% interest rates. For his part, he responded that the former president’s strategy could lead the country into recession and wanted to create an immediate economic development plan and a temporary moratorium on taxes on green energy.

On the contrary, Rishi Sunak’s opposite strategy is to increase taxes and hold reserves to deal with inflation.

They will be decided by a vote of Conservative Party members, the result of which will be known on September 5, but a new debate is scheduled for next week.

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