The European Union is demanding $ 47.5 billion from the UK to resolve the Brexit bill

As part of the Brexit financial settlement, Brussels estimates that the UK will have to pay $ 47.5 billion to meet its past obligations, even though it is a member of the European Union. Larger sum than has ever been proposed by the English.

Already strained for months, relations between the EU and the United Kingdom are likely to burn even more in the coming weeks. In trouble: more than the important point of the Brexit bill.

In its annual budget report, Brussels estimates that it will pay $ 47.5 billion to London, the amount to be paid under a series of articles specified in the Brexit withdrawal agreement. Reuters.

This fee is very similar to the past obligations of the United Kingdom when it was a member of the European Union. Brussels says the first payment of 6. 6.8 billion in 2021 will have to be made in several installments.

Low ratings across the channel

If the British do not challenge their obligation to fulfill their obligations to the EU, the amount to be discussed is high. The British Treasury has stressed that the Brexit financial regulation ranges from $ 40.74 billion to $ 45.40 billion. Financial Times.

For its part, the Office of Budget Responsibility, a channel-wide budget oversight body, predicts the bill will be $ 41.4 billion or $ 6 billion lower in March 2018. Than emerges from Brussels calculations.

In other words, the amount demanded by the EU is far higher than any UK estimate so far. This would annoy most euroseptic British politicians. Undoubtedly rekindle tensions between the two camps that have already been affected for weeks by the use of Northern Irish protocol.

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