The European Union and London hit the timber and gem sectors –

On Monday, the European Union and the United Kingdom announced new sanctions targeting the Burmese junta and the gem and timber sectors in response to the crackdown underway since the coup.

The EU statement added that several ministers, deputy ministers and the attorney general have been added to the list of those who have been sanctioned by the EU.

She is considered responsible for the weakening of democracy and the rule of law and the gross violations of human rights committed in the country”.

Four companies have also been added to the list.

« The four entities are either state-owned or controlled by the Burmese Armed Forces (Tatmadaw) and contribute directly or indirectly to the income or activities of the military.”, outlines the press release.

« By targeting the gem and timber sectors, these measures are intended to constrain the junta’s ability to tap into Burma’s natural resources, while designed not to unnecessarily harm people.”.

Since the February 1 coup and the crackdown that followed, the blacklist has totaled 29 people and six entities.

Sanctions are individual and consist of an EU travel ban and asset freeze.

The United Kingdom, which has previously announced several rounds of sanctions, this time collectively targets the board of directors set up by the Military Council for the Administration of State Affairs (SAC), explaining that the latter “” continues to undermine democracy and brutally oppress the civilian population.”.

London, home to a major international financial centre, is also attacking a timber company (Myanmar Timber Company) and the gem sector (Myanmar Pearl Enterprise), targeting sectors that ” Generate Millions of Income for the Plan”.

Quoting the head of British diplomacy, Dominic Raab, he made it clear that he wanted to ” Targeting the money of this illegal regime.” : « The military continues to undermine democracy and brutally kill civilians. We will continue to punish those responsible as long as democracy is not restored.”.

The European Union also maintained its ban on the sale of weapons and equipment likely to be used in internal repression, as well as the ban on the export of dual-use items intended for the military and border police.

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The EU also decided to continue to prevent financial aid from reaching the government directly and to freeze any EU aid that could be seen as legitimizing the junta.

But the European Union will continue to provide humanitarian aid to Burma. ” In 2021, it allocated €20.5 million in humanitarian aid to meet the immediate needs of the country’s displaced and conflict-affected communities”, refers to the press release.

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