The EU-US summit considered a “milestone” in transatlantic relations –

The Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union affirmed that symbolic significance From next week’s summit between the European Union and the United States, which it says is ” potential to be a major step.” in renewing the transatlantic partnership.

Minister of State for European Affairs, Anna Paula Zacharias, told the European Parliament on Wednesday 9 June that she hopes it will be possible to “ Agreement on an ambitious cooperation program With the United States at the upcoming G7 summits.

US President Joe Biden is visiting Europe for the first time for these meetings (June 11-13 in the UK) and June 15 in Brussels.

« The United States and the European Union have 780 million people who share democratic values.”Zakaria said, adding that it is about “ The largest economic relationship in the world. The European Union and the United States now have Opportunity and responsibility to help people earn a living, stay safe, fight climate change, and stand up for democracy and human rights. »

« We would like to take this summit to agree with the United States an ambitious agenda for cooperation in four key areas: tackling the COVID-19 pandemic, driving a sustainable global recovery, protecting our planet, promoting green growth, and promoting trade, investment, and technology. cooperation and building a more democratic, peaceful and secure world”She said.

Mrs. Zakaria said she hopes ” Leaders agree on tangible and highly ambitious results in these four areas. »

« We believe this event can be a major step in renewing and revitalizing our partnership.”She emphasized that ” A strong transatlantic partnership is essential to ensuring and contributing to security, stability and shared prosperity.”.

as she wished, This summit is not a one-time event and regular exchanges between the European Union and the United States resume at different levels.”, now under the administration headed by Joe Biden.

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In his first European tour since his election to the White House, the US president will also take part in the NATO Leaders Summit in Brussels on Monday, June 14.

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