The EU and the UK reach an agreement on catches in 2021

Fishing allocations have been a source of tension since the UK left the EU.

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The European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom reached an agreement on Wednesday, June 2, on the principle of catching fish stocks that will be jointly managed for 2021. Announced by the European Commission (English content). The agreement was finalized in a telephone conversation between Fisheries Commissioner Virginius Cingevius and UK Secretary of State for Environment George Eustis.

The signing of the contract is expected in the coming days. Fishing was the hardest part of the negotiations for a post-Brexit trade agreement between Brussels and London. The found compromise is a source of tension. By the end of an interim period running until June 2026, European navies had to release 25% of their catches in British waters. This access will be reviewed annually.

The agreement reached on Wednesday guarantees the fishing rights of the EU and UK navies until the end of 2021. It sets the total allowable catches for 75 shared fish stocks by 2021, as well as the deep water of European stocks for 2021 and 2022, the commission said.

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