The eagle symbol of America works very well

(Washington) The U.S. population of bald eagles, the proud raptor that became the country’s symbol, has quadrupled since 2009, the Home Office said Wednesday.

France Media Agency

Once classified as a protected species until 2007, the bald eagle was once “on the verge of extinction” thanks to “pesticide DDT ban” and “conservation efforts,” according to a report. The Ministry is responsible for managing the natural areas of the United States.

These raptors, which have identified the United States for centuries, now make up more than 71,500 pairs.

By 1963, their population had reached an all-time low, with just 417 pairs of birds spread across 48 states.

U.S. publishes report on bald eagles Martha Williams, deputy director of the Fisheries and Wildlife Service, said: “This is one of the most talked about conservation success stories of all time.

“I believe we have a historic opportunity to protect our environment and our way of life for generations to come, but we can only do great things if we work together,” commented New Interior Minister Debb Holland.

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