The director of the American project in Madrid participates

The Chargé d’Affairs at the US Embassy in Madrid brought water to the plant to support the Polisario, in order to persuade the Biden administration to revoke recognition of the Moroccan character of the Sahara. at Interview Diplomat Conrad Trippel, who obtained a statement to El Pais, confirmed that the United States understands the “importance” of the Western Sahara issue to Spain.

“This is one of many issues under consideration. There is dialogue with all the actors within the UN framework but we have not taken any decision. Minister Blinken said he wanted to understand the context and the commitments.”

Conrad Trippel

“What I can confirm is that this administration wants to consult allies and support multilateral institutions such as the United Nations, and any decision taken in such a (desert) will be within this framework,” Tripple said in response to a question. Donald Trump’s decision on December 10 is “unilateral”.

El Pais’ questions about the Sahara remind us of the statements made by the Spanish foreign minister. Arancha Gonzalez called on the Biden team to “return to pluralism,” stressing in an interview on December 14th on Radio Onda Siro that “there is no room for unilateralism in the conduct of international relations.” She also stressed that it is up to the Biden administration “to return to assess the situation (in the desert) and to find out how it will position itself and work towards a just and lasting solution that does not depend on harmonizing one moment on one. One side or the other. ”

On Tuesday, February 16th, Anthony Blinken had his first telephone conversation with Mrs. Gonzalez. This comes after two weeks of remote discussion on February 2 between US security advisor Jake Sullivan and Emma Abarci, chief diplomatic advisor to Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

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