The difference we didn’t see coming

Sports fans love the stories of Cinderella’s teams, the underdogs, and the heroes.

In 2021, several teams relied on their resources to provide unforgettable moments for their fans by creating a big surprise.

Canadian women’s soccer team

The gold medal in the Olympics!

The women’s soccer win was one of Canada’s highlights at the Tokyo Olympics. In a tough group, he undefeated Maple Leaf in six matches and earned a medal by defeating the United States 1–0 in the semifinals.

In the decisive match, Canada found Sweden and it took penalty kicks to separate the two teams. Thanks to superb performances by Stephanie Lappé and a winning goal by Julia Grosso, the women performed a magic trick turning the London and Rio bronzes into gold.

Canadian Montreal

Until the final…

It’s impossible to ignore the dream cycle that CH experienced after every regular regular season. With a club built for the playoffs, Dominique Ducharme’s forces reached the Stanley Cup Final, surprising many.

Led by Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield, the Habs closed the gap 3-1 to the Toronto Maple Leafs and swept the Winnipeg Jets in four games. In the semi-finals, Canada defeated the Vegas Golden Knights with the most important goal in the last twenty years of the CH competition, a goal that Arturi Leconn scored in overtime in Game Six.

Braves Delta

shift case

After failing in the quarterfinals in 2020, the Atlanta Braves avenged the Los Angeles Dodgers, before defeating the Houston Astros in the final to win their first World Championship since 1995.

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This year, Georgia’s representatives mostly showed the worst record (88-73) among all teams that secured their tickets to the playoffs. Capitalizing on deals from their general manager Alex Anthopoulos, they were far from being the favorites (especially in the middle of the season), while most observers expected the surprise San Francisco Giants, the Tampa Bay Rays or the Dodgers.

Rapids, Colorado

To everyone’s surprise

From 2017 to 2019, the Rapids visited the bottom of the Major League Soccer standings. After regaining some color during the pandemic, Team Colorado took first place in the Western Conference standings, much to the surprise of everyone.

Other than the arrival of top scorer Michael Barrios, the Rapids haven’t made any major changes to their squad, which makes this turnaround all the more impressive. Despite their strong performance, the Rapids suffered a heartbreaking setback against the Portland Timbers in the Western semifinals.

Suns de Phoenix

Confused skeptics

Like the Rapids, the Suns were used to underperform. They haven’t played in the playoffs since 2010 and have only shown one record over 0.500.

After confounding all of the regular season skeptics with a record 51-21, the Suns knocked out the defending Los Angeles Lakers in the first round on their way to their first NBA Finals appearance since 2007.

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