The Cycle: Frontier wants to reassure players new to Season 3

on the game’s Steam pagedevelopers Course: Frontier, the accessible PvPvE of Yager, announces the arrival of a new feature included in Season 3: the possibility of testing new equipment – weapons, shields, helmets, etc. – without the risk of losing your equipment. They’ll be included in what they call “free deployment packages,” much like an unfortunate DMZ-mode load Warzone 2 When you lose all your inventory. The Cycle: Frontier intends to continue to stand out from the competition Escape from Tarkovand favoring a more reassuring and less punitive approach in PvPvE.

Developers follow up with a My fault On the issue of matchmaking, which they promised to rebalance in order to ensure players’ A fairer experience ยป:

We try to make sure that young single players don’t fall into teams of three heavyweights, so that beginners don’t end up against the pros. [PvP]Simply put, each instance is filled by players of the same skill level.

By focusing on increasing gameplay comfort and accessibility, Yager hopes to reach a more casual audience and, above all, offer a less frustrating experience for beginners.

While waiting for Season 3 of The Cycle: Frontier, due on March 29, 2023, the game is available free-to-play at steam And Epic Games Store.

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