The cult game Half-Life 2 will receive an update to be 100% compatible with Steam Deck

Half-Life 2 is about to receive a major update. Along with long-term bug fixes, it should ensure full compatibility with the Steam Deck console.

While some still hope for a file Half life 3Valve will be preparing a major update for… half life 2It was released in 2004, but still makes use of itFairly extensive software monitoring. At the moment, this update has not been officially announced on the game’s page that can be accessed on Steam. But YouTuber Tyler McVicker – over 350,000 subscribers count – has discovered many improvements available in beta form. He shared his discovery in a video posted on October 19.

Valve specialist Tyler McVicker talks about ” Half-Life 2’s biggest update in a decade If some have wondered about the timing, the answer is easy to find: the company is preparing to launch a portable console at the end of the year – Steam Deck. And some improvements have been applied to half life 2 It will allow the cult game to work better on the platform.

Half-Life should run flawlessly on Steam Deck

Thus, Valve will take advantage of the imminent arrival of Steam Deck for the update half life 2. In his tests, Tyler McVicker identified several notable advances: long-term bugs were finally fixed, an increase in the field of view (110 degrees) or the addition of compatibility with UltraWide (ultra-wide) displays. Also note some changes in the interface. In short, the developers are preparing to update Half-Life 2, so that it adapts a little better to today’s machines.

This update also brings compatibility with Vulkan, the programming interface that allows video games to run better on Linux-based operating systems (such as on Steam Deck). In short, Valve strives to provide the best possible experience for those who want to (re)play the game half life 2 on the portable console. We imagine the shooter will get a “compatible” little sticker, as desired Certification System The company introduced it to provide information about how titles work on Steam Deck. Valve must lead by example by ensuring that its internal catalog runs smoothly.

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Half-life 2 // Source: Valve

Note however that these various add-ons are currently only available in beta (Tyler MacVicker noted some technical issues, pending real update). This means that some improvements can be removed at the last minute, if they prove to be causing certain problems. One thing however seems certain and certain: agreehalf life 2 Steam Deck Wall.

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