The crocodile is an emotional support, and this video shows it perfectly

Unusual – walking around and meeting a leash crocodile, an unusual sight. This undoubtedly explains the popularity of this video, which was published on August 26, 2022, which shows a little girl crawling in the middle of the city. This crocodile, named Wally, belongs to Joseph Heaney, a specialist in reptiles.

Besides its prevalence, this chain shot of Philadelphia highlights the crocodile’s ability to be an emotional support. animals said to “emotional support” It can make their master feel better or fight stress. This is especially the case for dogs and cats, to speak of the most common.

In the United States, pets may be prescribed to vulnerable people for emotional support. Alligators may be listed in some states while their domestication is prohibited in others.

Joseph Heaney, the owner of this creeper, fell in love with Wally after several extensive cancer treatments and while he was deeply depressed. It was reported that he obtained permission from a doctor to walk with him on a chain Philadelphia Inquirer in 2019. Wally was very different from any crocodile I’ve dealt with in the past 30 years. He never showed any anger or aggression.” He told CNN.

Crocodiles also cause accidents

The crocodile remains a predator that can be dangerous. according toFlorida Preservation CommissionFor example, 442 attacks were recorded there between 1948 and 2021, resulting in 26 deaths. In this case as in others, the crocodile is considered harmful and can be killed if it is considered dangerous.

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In Pennsylvania, Joseph Heaney was not afraid that Willy would attack someone. “It’s the only crocodile I know that refuses to bite, it’s amazing!” This social media star is even vying to become America’s favorite animal, according to New York Post.

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