The creation of a committee to revive hockey is a reaction in Sagueni

After François Legault announced the creation of a committee for our national sport, hockey players above all want us to take care of young players.

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All players hope this time will be the right time to make a change.

“If they knock on the right doors and see the right people, they will have a fairly realistic picture of the situation,” said Saguenay Minor Hockey Association General Manager Dany Chouinard.

However, this hockey game development committee also raises a lot of questions.

“The goals are pretty clear,” said Mustang technical director Jean-Francois Jullin.

In the school structure, we would have preferred the scholars to be combined with ex-professional players and ex-coaches.

Coach Julien adds: “Scientists are often treated as cloud diggers because they are not always on the ground, but the basis of knowledge and development. Scientists are the ones who have it. And the good scientists were on Earth.”

According to him, the advantage would be to develop good human beings before athletes and to promote the practice of other sports.

“Before the 15th, there are too many levels of competition. The calendars between different sports intersect. We have been talking about it for 25 years and nothing has changed,” says Jean-Francois Jullin.

He was questioned by one of the commission’s mandates, professional hockey.

“The goal the PM gives us is to develop 10 to 15 players in the National League. So we will put all our eggs in the same package. Hockey in particular is not the end.

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In junior hockey at Saguenay, Dany Chouinard hopes the injected amounts will help the Hulk at base, among the younger ones.

The prime minister said we are ready to get paid. We should put them on the base to hire full-time coaches.

Danny Chouinard suggests that successful professionals and NHL fund associations that have developed players reach the big circle. It is somewhat similar in the United States in many sports.

“For the National League to get involved and give 1% to the junior hockey that developed it. It would provide junior hockey the means to get people involved.”

According to Chouinard, the new infrastructure will help increase the popularity of the mini hockey game.

“At Saguenay, we are giving ourselves the infrastructure for 2021 like everywhere in Quebec, the young hockey players are sure to come back,” he believes.

And it is necessary, according to him, to accommodate parents who no longer want to spend weekends in the yards.

“We have to bring back the schedules. We have to bring back the way we do things. The number of matches. We have to review all of that. We need to review our facilities. If we have matches during the week, we will run out of ice cream.”

In women’s hockey, the composition of the commission was praised.

“I was pleasantly surprised that four women were appointed to the committee,” said Claudia Banville, women’s hockey director at Saguenay-Lac Saint-Jean. Finally, women are represented in hockey because we know there are no women on the Hockey-Québec board of directors.”

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It is also a defect that must be corrected, she said. You might catch up to Ontario, where there are eight times as many girls who play hockey.

I hope we can create more space for women on committees and boards of directors. I think we’re represented too little, because we often forget,” Ms Banville laments.

The length of the commission’s mandate is also of concern to all stakeholders, who have met. They ask, “In just four months, will he be able to propose real change?” Some doubt it.

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