The country, in turn, faces a 40-degree spectrum

It’s hot – just at noon, the national temperature record has already been broken, with a temperature of 39.1 degrees

The temperature this Tuesday could exceed the threshold of 40 degrees Celsius in United kingdom, the first in this country, was hit like the rest of Western Europe by a heat wave that caused wildfires. Just at noon, the first national record was broken, at 39.1 degrees. This is the second extreme heat phenomenon Barely in a month in Europe. This multiplier is a direct consequence of the climate crisis according to scientists, emissions greenhouse gases Increase in intensity, duration, and frequency.

Mercury is expected to rise above the 40 degree mark in the UK on Tuesday. The last British record dates back to July 25, 2019, with a score of 38.7 in Cambridge (southeast). “The English are clearly not used to it. It’s hard to be outside, even in the shade it’s claustrophobic,” said Emily Nixon, 34, who on Monday took refuge in a municipal swimming pool in London. 38.1 degrees Celsius in eastern England, the highest temperature this year, and the third on record in the U.K. The country had its hottest nights on record between Monday and Tuesday, with temperatures in some places not dropping below 25 degrees, the Met Office announced .

The British government is very light

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