The cost of vaccines is exploding without explanation

Ottawa | The federal government finally said it spent more than $ 9 billion buying vaccines against COVID-19, nine times what it said months ago.

That’s what taxpayers were able to discover when they turned against the massive 840-page budget presented Monday by Federal Reserve Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland.

There is no explanation for this new number and federal officials were unable to explain it when the document was submitted.

Newspaper March was spent tracking federal immunization spending. During the dozens of exchanges we had with ministries, this Pharaonic sum of $ 9 billion for the purchase of anti-virus vaccines was not mentioned.

The announced figures made it possible to calculate that to purchase, distribute and inject the doses, the federal government was spending a total of $ 1.67 billion.

Astrazeneca is more expensive here

Ottawa has signed contracts with eight pharmaceutical companies to obtain up to 404 million doses, enough to vaccinate every Canadian more than ten times. The price of this transaction remains unknown as no purchase contracts have been disclosed.

New documents presented Tuesday before the House of Commons Health Standing Committee indicate, however, that Ottawa is spending $ 8.18 per dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The US pays $ 4 per dose, and the European Union pays $ 2.15. Even so, the pharmaceutical company is committed to publishing its product without making a penny in profit until the end of the pandemic.

In January, Ottawa paid $ 34.50 per dose and $ 37.70 in December for the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine, according to data from Statistics Canada.

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