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Lioness hunting continues near Berlin

On Friday morning, the German police continued to search for a wild animal, described as a lioness, seen at night in the residential suburbs of Berlin, which has remained untraceable since then despite the imposition of a cat-tracking device. The night from Wednesday to Thursday by a witness who submitted a video in which the police believe she has identified a lioness. The police also saw this animal on the same night, and more than a hundred police officers participated in this chase, and the same source indicated. And they have already tried to intercept the animal, and the whole thing was accompanied by calls to warn the population, which swayed between disbelief and panic, and the inhabitants of several municipalities on the outskirts of the capital are still called upon to avoid the wooded areas that could extend to the suburban areas of the city. The fugitive is currently unknown. No animal park, zoo or circus has been reported missing, according to police. When asked Friday morning on RBB radio, Dirk Eilert, a wildlife expert at Land Berlin, considered the video, the main basis for the research, inconclusive: “In this video, I see wild boars running from left to right,” he said. It was also surprising that no trace of the animal was found and it was found;

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