The collapsed building in Florida was demolished before Hurricane Elsa hit

The search for victims was suspended on Saturday in preparation for the demolition, while 24 people were killed and 121 were missing.

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Authorities demolished the remaining building in a controlled explosion on Sunday, July 4, ten days after a 12-storey building collapsed on a survey site near Miami (USA). An event that took place just hours before tropical storm Elsa passed, is expected Tuesday in Florida. According to television footage, the devastation occurred just after 10:30 pm local time.

Most of the buildings, named Sampline Towers South, collapsed in a dusty cloud around midnight on June 24. It was one of the worst urban disasters in American history. Authorities feared the remaining building would collapse, threatening the safety of those rescued. These fears were heightened by the arrival of tropical storm Elsa, which is expected Tuesday in Florida.

On Thursday, US President Joe Biden and his wife Jill traveled to Florida to offer condolences to their families. The only survivor – a young man Taken from the rubble early in the morning of relief operations. The rescuers were mobilized but no one else was found. The search was halted Saturday in preparation for the demolition, while the disaster killed 24 people and left 121 missing.

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