The Center des Monuments Nationaux wants to open its castles to co-working spaces and activities

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Similar to the Hôtel de la Marine, in its lap in Paris, which has allowed it to break through the model, the Center for National Monuments (CMN) plans to offer co-working spaces and various activities in its historic sites. “The health crisis has amplified the need for meeting places for freelance or lone workers, project leaders, and coexistence places where shops and public services are withdrawing,” notes Mobile Communications Network President, Philippe Bellavall.

“Third places that combine co-working with creative, artisanal, and environmental activities… meet this demand,” he notes. The manager believes that heritage has solid assets, is ubiquitous, and many real estate opportunities are far from being fully utilized.

close to the audience

So far, CMN has been involved in the development of the regions by contributing to its tourism, cultural and commercial vitality. From now on it wants to be useful to the local audience, with the help of operators from third places such as the Urban Plateau cooperative (15 sites including Igor and Village Reille in Paris), the Yes we camp association (9 spaces including Grands Voisins in the capital), Or the Solidarity Foundation Sinny & Okoo (It embraced 30 third places including the fertile city of Banten.)

Ephemeral catering points installed on the balcony of Halle Charolais, a former postal sorting station, have been converted to third.Xavier Poppy / REA

The CMN project was also inspired by the experiences of the Red Cross (solidarity space with recycling center, social inclusion café, communal garden, etc.) and SNCF with Control from the ground Or Wonderland run by the We Love Green Festival this summer.

Team Motivation

An experiment will be conducted on a few sites. The castles of Jossigny, Châteaudun, Angers, and Villers-Cotterêts as well as the fortifications of Montdauphin were approached to participate, because of the spaces they had and the motivation of their teams.

The first three locations will be selected at the end of a consultation launched this week with potential service providers, with the goal of opening in the summer of 2022. The National Council of Women will be responsible for the development work.

“The motive is not primarily financial, but rather to put an end to the underutilization of places. We will issue a temporary free occupancy permit to the delegate, but this does not exclude the payment of royalties on the turnover depending on the activities”, defines Philippe Bellavall.

130 million

If the concept spreads, the National Council of Women, which is responsible for 100 monuments, does not rule out the use of funders such as the Banque des Territoires. Especially since the government made the third centers one of the pillars of recovery, as it allocated a budget of 130 million euros. On the other hand, there is no doubt that the National Antiquities Center will diversify its sites by penalizing visiting circles. Therefore, good neighborliness issues will be examined.

“The experience of the Hôtel de la Marine, where three circles coexist with 6000 square meters of offices occupied by hundreds of people and two restaurants, shows that it is possible to organize multiple thoughtful activities. This will also be the case in Villers-Cotterêts, where we have just launched a call for projects to build a hotel, So said Philippe Bellavale.

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