The CDC relaxes mask rules for teens who are vaccinated at summer camp

La moitié de la population américaine a désormais reçu au moins une dose d’un vaccin contre le Covid-19 avant le long week-end du Memorial Day, contribuant ainsi à ramener le taux de nouvelles infections à coronavirus à son niveau le plus bas en Year.

Data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Friday showed that more than 166 million Americans have received at least one dose of the vaccine, or 50.1% of the population. The rate of people fully vaccinated in the country, at 40.2%, is among the highest in the world, according to the Financial Times Vaccine Tracker.

However, vaccination rates have slowed. Average doses for seven days dropped below 1.5 million on March 23 (the last day for which CDC data is available). It was the first time since February 22 that the rate had fallen below this level and also represented a drop of more than half from a record rate of more than 3.3 million doses per day in mid-April.

However, the daily rate of infection with the Coronavirus continues to decrease. In the week ending May 27, the United States recorded an average of 20,882 new cases per day, according to CDC figures on Friday, the lowest level since June 1 last year. Last time, the average number of cases in the United States was less than 20,000 cases per day, that is, March 31, 2020.

Vaccines are an important part of helping the United States avoid a repeat of last year’s summer, especially as state economies open up and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issues guidelines on using face masks for people who have been vaccinated quite easily.

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Last year, many public health officials considered the Memorial Day holiday, which falls on the last Monday in May, and often features social gatherings, as the starting point for a wave of coronavirus infections that struck many states in the tough Sunbelt during the summer. .

Anthony Fauci, as a senior member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, noted that the United States was struggling to reach a “baseline” level of infection in late spring. “We were stuck in about 20 thousand cases a day before we entered the recovery,” he said last July, when the number of daily cases exceeded 70,000.

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