The Canoe-Kayak World Cup looks good in Trignac

Initially scheduled for May, but postponed due to the health situation, the downhill World Cup tour will finally take place from September 28 to October 3 in Treignac. A little over a month before the deadline, most indicators are green.

Many countries have assured us that they want to come. The week before our event will take place in the world, in Bratislava, Slovakia, in a very strict health bubble. The participating athletes will therefore have valid permits to return to France. “

Stephen Prado (responsible for the organization)

Thus, very few American descendants will actually be in Europe, and therefore they will certainly be present at Treignac where we expect, among others, the teams from Brazil and Nepal. “We have more doubts about teams from Japan, New Zealand, Australia or the UK. It will depend on the health situation.”

This clearly lies at the heart of the organizational system. “Health card will be necessary at departure and arrival sites. Athletes will not have direct contact with the public and the entire concert aspect will be minimized. Three days after the competition, all athletes and volunteers will be required to take an antigen test.”

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The ambitious French team

One year before the World Championships, which will also take place in Treignac, the French team will want to make an impression, as it did last week, at the European Championships in Castilla y Leon (Spain).
In rowing, Maxines Barouh and Paul Jean took first and third places, respectively, while Liz Vinnett took second.
In rowing, the indestructible Stephane Santamaria finished fourth in C1. With his friend Quentin Dozer, they won the gold medal at C2.“The health card will be mandatory at departure and arrival sites,” Stefan Prado announced.

The French have also starred in teams that have won two titles, two European champions in the women’s kayak (Liz Vignet, Pauline Frislon, Phenicia Dubras) and in the men’s C2 (Stéphane Santamaria/Quentin d’Azur, Charles Ferrion/Etienne Clatt, Pierre Troubadé/Hughes Moret).
One thing is for sure, with all the rain that has fallen this summer on Correz, EDF will have no problem ensuring that water is released on Vézère allowing the competition to run smoothly.

Find volunteers. This World Cup organizing committee will need about 100 volunteers. He only has about fifty so far. Interested persons can apply at

Pascal Gumi

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