The Canadian Space Agency discusses agriculture and space on Reddit

Montreal – It is amazing that Canadian farmers are now connected to space thanks to satellites that provide them with data to estimate crop yields and even check soil moisture without moving.

To demystify the phenomenon, the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) held a live question-and-answer session on the social network Reddit on Wednesday afternoon.

The platform known to bring together overlapping communities around common interests has served as a lever for discussion of the use of satellite data in the agricultural sector.

People are invited to ask any questions related to this topic. You don’t need to know anything, be an engineer or even be a farmer.

In Canada, agricultural land covers a vast area of ​​676,000 square kilometers.

The satellite images are very accurate, they allow to obtain information quickly and monitor the condition of the buildings without having to go there.

Data collected and shared by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) saves time and money for farmers.

Remember, agricultural machinery is more advanced. In fact, almost all components of production are digitized on most farms.

So satellite data can be used in several contexts: monitoring plant growth and estimating crop yields, assessing soil health, facilitating farmland management, better predicting stormy weather, precipitation risks, and preventing potential damage caused by insects, among others.

Especially since the seasons are less predictable with global warming. Satellite data can help tell the time with great accuracy.

This data produced by AAFC is used extensively in the agricultural sector, by the AAC itself, but also by various ministries, provinces and territories, people who work in industry or university research and farmer groups.

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The open discussion took place on the agency’s channel in cooperation with experts to answer questions.

By 3:00 PM, at the end of the session, the conversation had generated 255 comments.

This is the fifth time ASC has had this kind of discussion on Reddit. The sessions with astronauts and others with engineers specializing in rovers have also delighted internet users in the past.


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