The Call of Duty community has been torn apart by the Nickmercs case and its anti-LGBT remarks

Activision has decided to remove the virtual elements offered by an in-game streamer from Call of Duty, following his LGBTphobic statements. Players are divided on the question.

They should leave young children alone. This is the real problem With this tweet, posted on June 7, the streaming company Nickmercs sparked controversy on social networks. The American was followed by more than 4 million people on YouTube who commented on a clash between pro-LGBT and other anti-LGBT protesters, in front of an American school where There was a discussion about recognizing Pride Month.

His remarks were quickly noticed and sparked outrage and resentment, even in the offices of Activision. To underscore her opposition, the publisher made the decision to remove bouquet It’s called the “NICKMERCS trigger” in Call of Duty. The next day, everything skins The (virtual outfits) designed by this launcher (followed by over 4 million people on Youtube) have disappeared from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty: Warzone stores.

Activision’s decision was not unanimous in the Call of Duty community. Several recognized operators have taken a stand in favor of the founder of FazeCla, such as Timthetman. For example, 4.95 million YouTube users have asked Activision to pull the package they also designed,” in support from his friend.

Other players who are used to controversy have also thrown their support behind Nickmercs. Such is the case with magnet problem Dr Disrespect, who uninstalled Call of Duty directly in response to Activision’s removal of Nickmercs skins. If he claims that This year’s Call of Duty is the worst in the franchise Justified by the fact that This decision is difficult for the cash-on-delivery marketing team to understand He even prompts A public apology or they reinstated his plan for me to consider playing Call of Duty again. ”

At the same time, other streamers reacted derisively to Nickmercs’ remarks. Youtube the acting For example, Nickmercs thanks for ” Encouraging young homophobic players to address people more openly, with homophobic and other slurs ” And ” To bring more compassion to the world. »

Excuses? Nickmercs does not know this term

At this time, Activision has not commented on some streamers’ support for Nickmercs. But the publisher is unlikely to give in to these few players. Above all, Activision in particular reaffirmed its commitment to ” Celebrate pride with its employees and community.

One of the shapes invented by the operator // Source: nikmirex

For its part, Nickmercs s.r.lIt is expressed in living During which he said that he refutes accusations against anti-LGBTQ ideas, but does not intend to withdraw his tweet. He added: I just think I want to be the person — and my wife wants to be — who talks to my kid about these things. He also contented himself with a tweet in which he thanked those who supports “Who shares it” The position of the new father, who learns about love “who says he has” For everyone Above all, it shows that there is There is no hate in this heart “.

This, however, is not the first time he has noticed his attitudes. In 2022, for example, try it Launch a mask-free event at TwitchCon San Diegowhich however require wearing a mask and being vaccinated or tested negative for Covid-19.

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