The Bulldozer will be the first woman to rule Sweden

(Stockholm) Elected Thursday at the helm of the Social Democrats before she undoubtedly became Sweden’s first woman prime minister, Magdalena Andersson, 54, has earned the reputation of a “bucket” who will now have to install weak Swedish walls. the left.

Mark Brill
France media agency

Heiress to outgoing Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, who was finance minister for seven years, this economist who graduated from Sweden’s largest business school comes to the post less than a year after disputed elections scheduled for September 2022.

With her shoulder-length blonde hair, the former high-profile swimmer defines herself as a “nice, hard-working woman” who loves to decide.

But politically, she has earned a reputation as a strong, self-confident, straight-forward woman who is destabilizing in Sweden that is often under police, according to experts interviewed by AFP.

“People have even said they are afraid of it, which is very funny when it comes to economics professors or elite political scientists,” advances Anders Lindberg, head of political service at Aftonbladet, a daily newspaper close to the social democrats.

A recent program about him was called “Bulldozer” on SVT public television.


In Brussels, this so-called “stingy” holds the Swedish line made of budget moderation until last year with Austria, the Netherlands and Denmark a small “thrifty” club was formed opposing an overly grand plan to re-launch Europe. She also chaired an advisory committee for the International Monetary Fund last year.

“She has a way of arguing that reminds a bit of Angela Merkel, what she means is not always completely clear, but she ends up winning because no one else can answer because she masters all the details,” photographed Anders Lindberg.

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The Congress of Social Democrats, held in Gothenburg, elected her by acclamation in a vote in which she alone participated in the candidacy. She will then have to win the hardest vote in parliament, whose date is not yet known, to become prime minister.

Not seeing a woman at the head of government until 2021 is a semi-historic anomaly in Sweden’s champion of gender equality.

For Magdalena Anderson, this premiere seems like a poisoned gift as the Social Democrats are near their all-time lows in the polls and are exhausted by seven years in power.

She will have to confront the conservative Moderates, which has broken the health cordon with the anti-immigration party Sweden Democrats (SD) and is now ready to rule with its support in Parliament.

“Good little soldier”

A major political shift in Sweden at the end of a decade of penetration by the far right, fueled by hostility to large influxes of refugees, before Stefan Lofven’s 2015-2016 spiral.

Close to her predecessor, Magdalena Andersson has a very different background than the former steelworkers’ union.

“She likes to present herself today as a good little soldier who organizes coffee breaks and butter sandwiches at party meetings. But he comes from an intellectual elite,” sums up Jonas Henfors, professor of political science at the University of Gothenburg.

Born in Uppsala, the academic capital of Sweden, this unique daughter of an academic and teacher made her debut in swimming pools, where she stood out for her determination and ended up becoming a Swedish junior swimming champion.

Parallel to her brilliant studies – “Handels” in Stockholm, the Swedish equivalent of HEC, supplemented by a stint at Harvard, immerses herself in the life of “sosse”, a social-democratic activist.

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A member of the youth branch, SSU, since the age of 16, she became an assistant to Prime Minister Goran Persson in 1996 and rotated positions within the party and positions of senior civil servants.

“It’s someone […] that comes from within the system,” according to Anders Lindberg.

Rather than initially pointing to the left, she “pragmatically” followed the centrist shift of her party, notes Mr. Hinvors.

Its first challenge will be making its mark, according to analysts.

In her BCBG style, the fiftieth girl, married to a “Handels” teacher and mother of two, hides a few surprises. Like his favorite song: “BYO B” from System of a Down.

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