The brother of the star of the series is hiding in the fourth season, and no one recognizes him!

Season 4 of Weird things He hasn’t finished revealing all his secrets to you! In fact, in Episode 2 of Volume 1, the brother of the series star can be seen. If you’ve noticed, Vecna ​​surely won’t be able to own you!

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Since its first season, Weird things Multiple engraving features! Fans of the science fiction series were able to see two stars fromoffshore banks In the first batches of episodes. Today, he is the brother of an actress Weird things who appeared in the penultimate season of the show. You may not have seen or recognized her, because she is only seen for a few seconds in the background. However, like his sister, he has two famous parents, who are well known to the general public. It was in a scene from Episode 2 of Volume 1 of Season 4 that viewers were able to spot This is unparalleled. Steve, Robin, Dustin, and Max in private can be seen discussing recent events at Hawkins, before a punk-looking boy enters the video store. Who is he ?

Levon Thurman-Hawke in the additional cast for Season 4 of Weird thingsWho is his sister?

As a user of the social network Tik Tok reveals, he is young Levon Thurman Hawk in question! He is the brother of Maya Hawke, Robin’s beloved translator Weird things. If he is necessarily less famous than his sister, she is herself less famous than their famous parents: Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke. For Levon Thurman-Hawke, this is his first standout in the world of comics, but he’s going to get it nonetheless. A bigger role in a show coming soon to Apple TV +And the crowded room, worn especially by Tom Holland and Amanda Seyfried. The young shootout also began Pussy IslandAnd the The first film directed by Zoe Kravitz (Batman).

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Will this character close to Robin play a more important role in Season 5 of Weird things ?

More than just an extra character, Amybeth MacNulty played Vickie, a very minor character in Season 4 of Weird things. The latter plays the role of one of the comrades in the musical group Robin, on which the heroine flashed. Before concluding volume 2, Vicky tells him that she’s newly single and doesn’t seem too closed to the idea of ​​getting to know her more. If nowadays Vicky is a character portrayed as heterosexual, she may fall in love with Robin in the following episodes. What is to be compensated for by the painful intrigues of Will (Noah Schnapp), who has unrequited romantic feelings for his best friend Mike.

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