The British were concerned about Elizabeth II’s health but promised



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The English care about their queen. Elizabeth II was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday 20 October to take exams. Journalist Matthew Poycho takes the situation from London.

How is Elizabeth II, Friday, October 22, two days after being admitted to the hospital? “Although Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced this afternoon that the Queen would return to her office in Castle, she was undoubtedly weakened, for which, before she was admitted to the hospital, she had already canceled her trip to Northern Ireland.”, Reports Duplex journalist Mathieu Poisso from London (UK).

For the rest, “No information about his health”, Explains the journalist he refers to “Not about Govt-19”. The queen should observe several days of rest. The British met with groups of French televisions on Friday afternoon “Expressed Their Fear”, Most “Assured he knew he would be released quickly from the hospital.”, Mathieu Poicho concludes.

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