The “Boylesque – All Inclusive” show introduces positive masculinity at Café Cloptre

The first Boylesque edition sold out in May 2018, also at Café Copatre. After that, the pandemic imposed a respite, but the public wanted more. Initially, “Boylesque” intent was to stage a male abstraction, as the event’s name indicates, a non-comic niche that would have been born in the United States in the 1930s in Las Vegas, on the fringes of mainstream entertainment culture.

In addition to a duet number with Bunny Valentin (Sbastien Benes) and singing, Bobby Pineapple (Adam Provencher) hosts the evening with his bearded character, a drag queen. He describes the premise of one nightclub: “The masculine can belong to everyone. The goal is to detoxify the toxic masculine, to allow everyone, globally, to reclaim the concept of the masculine.” Boy qui s’efffeuille,” in an environment we must remember the comic in general, and he is essentially female. “We are not in a closed box, we do not carry what it is from the bodies of men who undress. It’s about how we think about the positive masculine as a society,” adds Bobby Pineapple.

Bunny Valentin specifies that we’ll especially be attending the performance of Nanah Postel, with her character Pierrot Comt, a first experience as the drag king on regular Montreal comic evenings. on the side of the gender bendingGrant Canyon will explore the mixed universe of males and females. We wanted to look at the concept of masculinity and what it means today. With this simple presentation, we are here to entertain and enjoy, as it sets out, to celebrate the positive masculine, all masculine hair, by giving anyone, regardless of their gender or origin, the opportunity to fit masculine. Then you have to do something with it, doggy number. So we’re really playing with the symbols, and then the rest of the striptease in a festive atmosphere and in a place dear to us, at Clo.”

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The comrades are especially excited to meet in the institution represented by Café Clobetre. Besides the National Monument, it is the only building on this section of Saint-Laurent Boulevard that has survived the redevelopment of the surrounding area in recent years. “It’s a little magical to be a part of this Montreal history,” confirms Bobby Pineapple. The place is over 100 years old and despite all the technical issues that might exist, it connects us to our roots in Montreal theme parks, in a sort of tradition.

During the first edition, the organizers had to bring their own sound system, as they trust and laugh. “Le Cloptre’s fault is also its quality, and thus the ability to gather in a real cabaret centre, easily accessible, without judgment, which allows the public to live the true Montreal experience. [de ce type de spectacle]. There are plenty of nightclubs in Montreal that are wrongly “forbidden” as a concept, but you still get real service and state-of-the-art tech equipment. Here, I come and it’s a real room, a bit dim, vie de nuit de Montreal, above a strip club, with mural Too “ass” on the stairs. It is something unique.”

With nudity and half-nudity, Bunny Valentin points out that not all performance halls welcome this material, even if this artist community is less and less marginalized. At Le Clobetre, they feel at home. About ten years ago, the performer led his fight to assume who’s on stage by stripping. “I wanted to talk about the masculine. It deals with humor and magic quick changeLots of things that I really like. and the space saver Who sings Bobby [Les Why Nuts] He was immediately happy to embark on the project. First edition, we didn’t have a performance with them. They performed songs at the beginning, middle and end of the show. But here, we wanted to push cooperation even more. So in the second part, 4 digits of the display are accompanied by live bandSomething we’ve never done before, a new adventure! »

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After some rehearsal with Why Nuts, “Boylesque – All Inclusive” still leaves room for improvisation, especially in the second part of the show. The musical composition includes six musicians (guitar, bass, drums, keyboards), as well as two voices that also play percussion.

Event partners, Sexy & Cie stores partially financially supported the company, boosting its visibility on their networks. “It’s a great meeting. We communicated easily, as we approached them. We defined the partnership according to each of our needs, and then they distributed tickets for the show in their stores all over Quebec. So there are people expected from Drummondville, Trois-Rivieres. We were able to connect with them with other places in Quebec is not Montreal. He gave the idea of ​​taking this show, or the concept of this show, off the island. I think we have something very objective and important to deal with. Under the tutelage of humor and entertainment, we are able to allow people to put themselves in a subject that is still heavy these days (masculinity toxic), but to consider it in a positive way,” emphasizes Bobby Pineapple.

Sbastien Benes (Bunny Valentin) studied at the Grenoble Institute of Performing Arts and studied contemporary dance with the CCNG (Centre National de la Décoaté Grenoble). Actor and dancer for many years in Europe, notably with the group Mel Dubois at CCNG, he also works with Chapiteau thétre, a company from Chambry, in Savoie. Since 2010, the Frenchman has been living in Quebec and discovered, somewhat, by chance, the Montreal comic. He started creating his own business in 2012. Since then, he has rarely been on stage as an actor. “With cabaret, I have the possibility to express myself, it’s very broad… Abstraction seems to be really a pretext, a symbol I use in which I can find many different things, explore a lot of ways from there. I have always kept practice and research in contemporary dance , and I’ve always been a part of my daily life, like the last show we gave with Bobby in particular, in partnership with Tangente (See our article), where we were paired with contemporary choreographers.”

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Also a horticulturist at Parc Jean-Drapeau, the artist began a creative residency with Adam Provencher last August at UQAM. They are a hybrid show that includes contemporary dance, (theatrical) script, puppetry and object manipulation. The project is called “Angle” for now, a title that remains tentative.

Still in singing training with Professor Bruno Fortier, Adam Provencher will participate alongside him, on November 27 in the Minister, in the show “A November”! It’s all in the song.

Finally, two artists participating in Boylesque – All Inclusive, Baron von Styck and Lulu les belles mirettes, will produce the upcoming edition of the Bagel Burlesque Expo (l’Astral) Montral Festival in May 2023, a major event that brings artists together from North America and the everywhere.

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