The Boston Marathon opens up a category… for non-binary people

Small earthquake in the next edition of one of the most iconic foot races. Race organizers announced this week that non-binary athletes who want to compete in next year’s Boston Marathon in the US won’t have to choose either male or female categories, but will be able to choose a specific box. One of the most valuable rivers. In the section

“The Boston Athletic Association (BAA) is currently working to expand opportunities for non-binary athletes at our events, including the 2023 marathon.”They elaborated in a press release.

There is no “eligibility criteria” yet

“Although we do not currently have eligibility criteria for non-binary athletes, we are working on ways to integrate them into the event.”, stressing that the data are still insufficient to set minima. In the future, and with athletes registered in the non-binary category, we can set minimums like the times we can achieve, the BAA notes. “We all see this first experience as an opportunity to learn and grow”.

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Registration for the 127th edition of the Boston Marathon opened on Monday, September 12. A box “non-binary” appear in the forms. About 30,000 athletes are expected at the start of the race, which is scheduled for April 17.

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