The beta version has been revealed, here are the first images

To better support Android 12 release, Samsung has introduced the beta version of the new One UI 4.0 interface which will be published soon.

Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung Galaxy S21 // Source: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

The Android 12 version approaching. Google offers now The latest beta system for Pixel ownersSamsung, for its part, is also preparing to publish it. The giant has gotten very serious when it comes to keeping track of updates on its smartphones. The company is preparing the new Samsung One UI 4.0 interface that will accompany the publication Android 12 on his smartphones. The first beta version of the new system is now available.

Not yet in France

Samsung One UI 4.0 beta is available in the US, but also the UK, Germany, India, China, Poland, and South Korea. Unfortunately, neither France nor Belgium are among the countries involved. So you will have to be patient before you can officially install it on your smartphone.

Moreover, only smartphones Samsung Galaxy S21And S21 more And S21 Ultra Currently affected, but the full list From smartphones compatible with One UI 4.0 in the long run is much broader.

The first pictures of the beta

Samsung One UI 4.0 will not be a revolutionary version of the interface that has already evolved a lot since its inception. However, there are some interesting novelties out there. For this new version, Samsung is relying on more customization options for the user, especially at the launcher level with new user interface elements.

Samsung One UI 4.0: The beta version has been revealed, here are the first imagesAs for the interface, Samsung announced that many elements have been modified: icons, wallpapers, emojis, with the ability to install alternative themes to customize the appearance of all these elements.

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Samsung One UI 4.0: The beta version has been revealed, here are the first images

Samsung also wants to put a new focus on privacy control. It will be easier to control which applications have access to components such as the camera, microphone, or the location of the smartphone. In addition, the user will be notified when the application uses the camera or microphone. What to put the slide in the ear if it is not a photo app for example.

One UI 4.0 builds on the new features of Android 12 in terms of permission control, but it will also show a history of the last 7 days.

Beta on time

With the release of this first beta, Samsung can take the lead in releasing Android 12 and start controlling the quality of its new software. This will allow for quick deployment when the interface is ready.

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