The best week of Michael Block’s life

Rochester | He has performed with Rory McIlroy, Justin Rose, Taylor Pendreth and Hayden Buckley. While navigating the Oak Hill Trail, chat with Jim Nantz on CBS during US prime time. He had a stunning hole-in-one in the final round. In his fairy tale, he scored three rounds of 70 (h) and finished 15th in the US PGA Championship. Without a doubt, Michael Block said he had the best week of his life.

Unknown when he arrived in Rochester last Monday, the 46-year-old quickly became a crowd favorite at the tournament’s curtain-raiser. Lonely spectators in New York literally adopted him and made him live an unforgettable moment.

Not only because of his game, but because of his originality and love for the game, every minute of his adventure, he is spoiled by the golf gods. Fans chanted his name and treated him like a true music star.

Block never thought he’d have a little chat with Nantz. Although he was confident in his abilities, he never thought he would have such an experience in Oak Hill after four matches in the PGA Championship that ended on Friday night. One had to notice his many significant reactions during his exploits. It directly touched his heart.

The clue: After his final putt on the 72nd hole was good for a par of 71 (+1), McIlroy hugged and headed back to the green. He pointed to the spectators in full focus and his heart palpitated to cheers, shouts and standing ovations. The spectacle was worth its weight in gold for the great story of this 105th edition of the tournament.

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Image source: Getty Images via AFP

Block is not among the world’s golf elite. He is a professional at the Arroyo Trabuco club located in South Anaheim, California. Throughout the week, he teaches the basics of his sport to clients. It’s his life. It’s not about running tournaments across the United States. But he can compete with the best.

Image source: Getty Images via AFP

Image source: Getty Images via AFP

his biggest check

The last time he put a huge exclamation point in his dream week earned nearly $300,000. This is his biggest test in his career. And quite!

“I raised $75,000 at the National Pro Club Championship in 2014. Previously, it was a check for $4,500 at the California Open,” recalls the man, who has amassed a total of $38,000 in the 24 PGA Tour events he’s attended in his career.

land land

In Oak Hill, he could have let himself be bothered by his sudden popularity and inflated head. He did not fall into this trap. Why?

“You don’t know my wife,” he jokingly replied to the magazine’s question. She can keep anyone grounded. She’s an Argentinean of Italian descent. She has a great personality and a lot of personality. She tells me things no one wants to hear. So she keeps me with her feet on the ground.”

On an intimidating beast like Oak Hill’s eastern track, the “Plump” felt comfortable, too. Without applying undue pressure, he took his foot. He told his story with pride and philosophy.

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“I’m a natural. It’s part of the club pro’s personality. You have to manage 600 different personalities. You have a lawyer telling you how to grow your lawn and an accountant telling you his burger patty wasn’t properly cooked,” he joked.

“We have to deal with that. So you can then manage anything,” added the person who had been applying Mrs. Block’s advice for a long time. Either she will remain natural and true to herself.

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Obligatory pleasure

Throughout his adventure, Block enjoys the moment. He wanted to have fun. On Saturday evening, after his grueling tour in the pouring rain and a series of interviews, he ate at a pub near the stadium. On and off the ropes, he remained the same.

“I just wanted to have fun. Everyone was with me. I had a great time. I’m a member of the PGA of America and I love his sport more than anything else.”

“I was completely blown away by this experience in the tournament, where the person who rewrote the record of professional records was tied up in the tournament. I am also amazed by my game, it worked and this gives me confidence in the future.

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Every moment counts

A top 15 title gives him access to next year’s PGA Championship in Valhalla, Kentucky.

Regardless, when the time comes to retire, Block will remember that week at Oak Hill as one of the best of his career.

“I’ve learned to savor every experience, because life goes by so fast. It’s probably most of my life.”

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The place where golf planet discovered a loyal and authentic man. and the place where a lover of his sport developed alongside the greatest of the profession, eclipsing 139 of them at the finish line.

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