The best things Andy Berlin had on the Phoenix subway this week were set on fire

Critic’s Notebook is a series in which food critic Andy Berlin shares his favorite meals and sips of the week.

This week focus on great brunch: Alpine-style pizza in Gilbert, a sparkling eggplant dip at West Side Moroccan restaurant, and a plate of Huevos Rancheros downtown.

Forgive me for skipping dinner, but my meals before dark won’t overwhelm me. I have been involved Seven-course lunch Different kebabs, tagines and sweet chicken pie at Jawharat Al Zohour Mall. Near downtown Phoenix, I drank tequila cocktails and shared a plate of pork for brunch. And in the heart of the vast Gilbert shopping center, I discovered a fast-fire pizzeria serving creamy flames from the Alsace region in France.

Even though the foods come from different corners of the world and the valley, one thing all the dishes on this menu have in common is that they were too good to share. Here are the best things I ate this week.

Huevos Rancheros au Presidio Mexican Cuisine

Purépecha cocktails flew out the window during lunch service at this adorable Mexican restaurant. The mixture of tequila, guava juice and lemon seems to be the same Order the most popular drinks, as well as Mexican hot chocolate with bitter content. There was an aperitif burritos au chorizo ​​et chilaquiles In the list, but I could not Resist the magic of some well-made ranch eggs ($13.95). Presidio excels in sauces and the smoked red sauce was exceptional as well as my order of fried eggs and crispy toast. Side of the breakfast potatoes was Small bite of delicious chorizo ​​which was a nice surprise.

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details: 519 W. Thomas Road, Phoenix, 602-279-8420,

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Badijan shriveled in flowers

the next door An Islamic fashion store, the flower dining room may not be fancy, but the food is great. I marveled at a hot skillet of smoldering eggplant, which ushered in an epic two-hour lunch. Traditional Moroccan pastries, such as chicken and almond pastel, were so She appeared on cake shows all the time With decorative knives to cut into slices. But nothing was as dramatic as Traditional Iranian Eggplant Dip, Qashqaq Badimjan ($7). It happened in a cast iron plate that caught fire when it arrived at our table The owner of Zohour Saad, who was cooking and serving literally everything. When the fire broke out and we were able to dive in, creamy eggplant practically spread over me. Beta in a heavenly spot studded With sliced ​​roasted garlic and fresh mint.

details: 7814 N. 27th Ave., Phoenix, 602-433-5191,

Plus: Tray, oden jar, valentine’s squash salad – best meals I had on subway phoenix this week

Lama des Alpes at Frenchie Pizza

The French Bulldog walking into the store when I arrived was not, as I initially thought, the mascot of this French pizzeria. In fact, he was a client. Specifically, he was a customer’s best friend. Turns out, this Alsatian spot encourages shepherds to bring in the French, and if they do, they’ll get a Polaroid for the Frenchie Woof of Fame. In this new counter restaurant, Fabrice and Myriad Buchettes, owners of Gilbert’s B Gastrobar, sell Flammekueche cakes like those made in Alsace. The crust may not be quite the same as the original, paper-thin Aslatine, but the Alpine Llama ($13) is served with a classic French toppings of bacon, ham, white onions, and a similar flame sauce with sour cream, onions, and authentic Munster cheese. . Although heavy enough for lunch, pizza lovers will find the French Fire to be a great experience.

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details: 3765 chemin S. Gilbert, Gilbert, 480-306-7776,

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