“The Best Pastry Chef: The Professionals” Season 4: The Cake Professionals

In baking as in television, the chemistry of the ingredients guarantees success. For its fourth edition, the Professional Edition of Best Pastry Chef He might finally find the winning recipe. For the first time, the competition was filmed in the Château de Groussay, in Evelyn, in the same location as in the version with amateurs whose audience was never high. Also for the first time, the professionals will compete in a tent set up on the castle grounds. New Gustave Eiffel-style light chassis. A high degree!

Jean-Francois Page, from “Top Chef” to “Best Pastry”

If Merkot, the enlightened but unprofessional blogger, is not part of the jury, we find Cyril Liniac And the Pierre HermeAnd the jury from Best Pastry Chef: The Professionals Since 2017. Join them Jean-Francois TrappTwo-star chef, swearing-in Top chefs Until 2019. ‘I passed CAP for pastry making and created my own pastries in my restaurants, Whoever the candidates fear justifies their judgment. There were associations boldness of flavors. I was surprised by the wonderful black sesame cake. We had a great time»

Close friend of Cyril LiniacAnd the Jean-Francois Trapp He also knows well Pierre Herme, Voted as the best pastry chef in the world in 2016, nicknamed “Picasso Pastry”, which states: “I met Jean-Francois in 1994 while he was training pastry in Fauchon.»

One piece of the candidates was eliminated every week

as in Best Bakery in France, Best Pastry Chef: The Professionals This year the highlight is the “neighborhood” pastries that can be found all over France. Seven couples who know each other (a couple, two childhood friends, a father and son, two brothers, etc.) and have a joint venture (open a pastry shop in the US, set up a pastry shop on a bus in the Imperial, etc.) will test their professional complicity on a daily basis through Two tests.

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The first, “The Showcase Test”, consists of reinventing, in a span of three hours, classic pastries such as Black Forest or Saint-Honoré, and producing thirty perfectly identical copies. “This test allows you to test their regularity and accuracy, the goal being to make a marketable cake., He explains Cyril Liniac. This is the big difference between professionals and amateurs, even if I am amazed at the hobbyists who create cakes worthy of my peers.»«With the professionals, I allow myself to make more accurate and powerful comments. Abound Pierre Herme, Regularly lectured on the amateur edition as a guest chef. I also try to give advice. The goal is to get them to advance.»

For the second test, the “Chef’s Challenge”, candidates will face another professional reality: creating a piece of art for celebrations such as Valentine’s Day, Easter or a wedding. They will also encounter real clients. At the end of the two events, one of the spouses will be crowned the “Golden Badge” and the other will be disqualified from the competition.

“Fights” between amateurs and professionals

Every week, the celebrations continue at 11:05 pm, again, with something new: Best Pastry Chef: Who Can Beat the Pros? Presented by Julia Vignali (Read below), this competition pits a pair of pros against a pair of hobbyists, from earlier editions of Best Pastry Chef. It will be decided by guest pastry chefs such as Nina Métayer or Nicolas Paciello. The winning spouse wins its weight in coupons at a sweet shop of his choice.

Julia Vignali her new desires

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An interview with the host who, after four years of loyal service, introduced Le Meilleur Pâtissier for the last time.

Why are you making your own bib?
I am leaving the M6 ​​on good terms to dedicate myself to my writing and production projects. I am writing the following feature film, in which my dear and tender will play (Kad Murad, Editor’s Note). I am also working on a documentary on school bullying in the age of social networks.

Tired of eating donuts?
No, despite announcing several times that I am pregnant due to my weight discrepancy! (to laugh.(I thought that at the age of 46, I would be immune to this kind of rumor, but no …)to laughMore seriously, I’m measuring how popular the show has brought me. I hope for a lot of good things Mary Portolano Who will carry the torch for season 10. I told him: “People will love you very much because people love to eat cake very much.»

How do you define this fourth season of “Best Pastry Chef: The Professionals”?
We wanted to focus on the pastry chefs we meet on every street corner, who don’t work in the palaces. There is also a lot of human stories and humor. We shot this season before the pandemic. The world was before where you didn’t wear a mask.

Isn’t this jury a little masculine?
There were already women on the jury and there were husbands of women among the candidates. But this year, it’s a jury of fellows. I am the only woman. It is not unpleasant. (to laugh.)

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