The ball invests in the UK and Russia

Enthusiasm in the Kane field has not diminished. After announcing at the beginning of the year that it would build a new factory in the Czech Republic, the American ball is releasing two other plans. The first is a unit located in Kettering, Northamptonshire, England. Across the channel is the US Group’s third largest aluminum cans site, offering local customers water, wine, “hard sellers” and ready-to-drink cocktails. The second factory will be built in Ulyanovsk, Russia. This is the fourth unit of the ball in this country. Both will produce aluminum cans, which will be operational by 2023 and will employ about 200 people. However, it does not specify the size or capabilities of group investments. He points out “Billions of boxes a year, different shapes and sizes”. Gary Cassie, President of Milk Drink Packaging Emia, says: “As the demand for this endless recyclable aluminum packaging is growing rapidly, we are taking steps to support our customers in the UK and Russia. Prefer products in known packaging, which contributes to a truly circular economy. “

Paul, an American metal packaging and aerospace equipment group, generated sales of $ 11.8 billion (.5 9.5 billion) by 2020 and employed 21,500 people.

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