The Bachelor: This former candidate finally reveals that he is gay

An impressive testimony. The 2019 US Undergraduate Star, Colton Underwood knocked out on Wednesday, April 14th. The young man, who had always repressed his homosexuality, passionately shared his story on “Good Morning America”, stating that he had “hated himself for a long time.”

“I am gay,” the former BA candidate declared, that he moved clearly before explaining that this particular year had prompted him like many people to “look in the mirror and understand who they are and what they are. They ran away or what they put aside.”

While participating in the 2019 The Bachelor program, nearly thirty people said during his interview that he became aware of his homosexuality during his high school years. He actually felt a “difference” as a child, from the age of six. But he was distinguished by a Catholic teaching, having long denied his identity, stating that he had “hated himself for a long time.” To clarify: “I grew up in the Catholic Church, went to Catholic elementary school, I learned in the Bible that homosexuality is a sin.” He refused himself, prompting the former NFL footballer to think of suicidal thoughts, even suggesting he had taken action. “I would have preferred to die rather than say ‘I’m gay’,” Colton Underwood shared.

Proud to be the same today

Today, even if he feels “always nervous” revealing himself to his relatives and friends and as public as ever, he demonstrates that he feels the happiness and serenity he has never felt in his life.

“I wish I had the courage to fix myself before someone else broke up,” explained the young man who, until last year, had a rocky relationship with his ex-partner by Bachelor.

Now in agreement with himself, he expressed his pride in assuming his homosexuality today, remembering that he hadn’t finally changed: “I’m still the same Colton everyone met on TV (…). It happens that now I can share everything about myself. And I’m proud of that. “I am proud to be gay,” said Curton Underwood, giving the honest and moving testimony.

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