The average age of patients staying in intensive care drops to 59 years

The hospitalized patients are also younger, with an average age of 57. 85% of them are not fully vaccinated.

for This is the fourth wavePatients increasingly young, note all resuscitators, in the grip of the fourth wave, driven by meteorite spread alternate delta. «We currently have a 40-year-old woman in intensive care“,” Last week, Dr. Farhat Meziani of Le Figaro newspaper denouncedHead of Department at the New Civil Hospital (NHC). “We received a 33-year-old male without co-morbidities», notes by Professor Marc Lyon, resuscitation at the University Hospital of Marseille. A young man worries doctors more and more. “The waves follow each other but our patients are youngerProfessor Erica Parmentier, Lille Resuscitation Specialist, adds. The hardest thing is to think that these patients should not die.»

Unlike the first wave where the average age of hospitalized patients was 68 years, Then 72 per second, now 57, according to Latest report from Public Health France. In critical care, lifespan also decreased sharply. If it was between 63 and 70 during previous waves, older people are often not accepted there, today it drops to 59.

Evolution of the average lifespan of intensive care patients – August 5, 2021 public health France

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High incidence and unvaccinated

How do we explain that young people are sicker than they were in previous waves? First, being more mobile and sometimes less interested in barrier gestures, the virus is more prevalent in this population. With an incidence rate of close to 1,000 new infections per 100,000 population in certain areasThey are more polluted than the rest of the population. “They were also told for a year that they were not afraid of anything and were not in danger of developing dangerous forms.“,” explains Professor Alexandre Plepteau, Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases at Pitié-Salpêtrière (Paris).

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Occurrence rate by age group – 6 August 2021 CovidTracker

«It’s a purely structural effectAnd Epidemiologist Henry Lillieu analyzed. Young people are less likely to go to intensive care than older people, but they are less immunized, and vaccination mainly protects against the risk of developing dangerous forms.“In fact, given the vaccination rate, those under the age of 50 are almost as fully vaccinated as the elderly.

Percentage of the French population immunized by age group – 6 August 2021 CovidTracker

However, people over the age of 70 did not completely survive the fourth wave. Look at the four curves below, representing the evolution of incidence rate, hospitalization and admission to critical care, with the three age groups (20–39 years, 40–69 years and >70 years) experiencing the same upward slope.

Change in incidence, hospitalization and critical care rates by age group – August 5, 2021 public health France

«It cannot be said that the delta variant especially causes more severe forms in young people.Said Mircea Sofonia, Lecturer in Epidemiology at the University of Montpellier. If this hypothesis is rejected today by scholars, “However, it will be necessary to wait several months, as for the alpha variant, to establish a real study body that will allow us to know what is happening.“,” the epidemiologist warned in Our paper is devoted to intense forms of the youngest.

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