The artist replied, “You are a chain of men faster than Taylor Swift.”

The Discord series has been available on Netflix for a while, which is generally spelled out in its somewhat direct language, which appeals to many viewers. However, some words hurt an artist, Taylor Swift in this case. The interested party also decided to take revenge, using social networks to install it Jenny and Georgia.

Jenny and Georgia Sexism on Netflix?

“You sequence guys faster than Taylor SwiftThese are the words that took Taylor Swift out of her details. She does not hesitate to brandish the term “sexism”, to paraphrase the series’ producers, directors and screenwriters. Jenny and Georgia. The artist also responded strongly via Twitter, and participated in the series in question, the latest of which is:

« Hey Jenny and Georgia, she called 2010 and she loved to pick up her slow and deeply sexist jokes. How about stopping bashing hardworking women by passing this shit on as a joke? »

Harsh words, perhaps matching the injury of Taylor Swift, known for her outspokenness and lack of language. It remains to be determined whether this public intervention will have consequences for the Ginny & Georgia series’ scenario. Something we allow ourselves to doubt …

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