The Artillery Sidewinder-X1 3D Printer comes in at € 317

the trick: l ‘extension Simple Price Alerts (Reservation) Chrome allows you to be automatically notified of low prices for the products you choose, including this product.

L’imprimante 3D Sidewinder-X1 artillery

Sidewinder X1 is a stylish and highly optimized 3D reference printer, with very good organization of its cables. Appearance is one thing, and most importantly, the print is of good quality, and the printer is comfortable to use. This is the case for the Sidewinder X1, as its heating pad allows the printed object to take off without risk of breakage, and the dual Z axis ensures uniform engraving accuracy, all without disturbing, and a noise level of just 45dB, or a noise level of just 45dB. Library.

Thanks to the discount coupon, online merchant Banggood is reducing the price of the Artillery Sidewinder-X1 3D Printer. With this code, the price already offered is reduced to 317.91 € (excluding subscription to the optional shipping guarantee). Another advantage, with the “EU Priority Courier” delivery method, Banggood allows you to take advantage of the free shipping costs in this promotion.

Via this link That you will have access to this good plan. On the validation of your order page, enter the promotional code BG52699 In the corresponding field. Strict warning, this coupon has a limited number of uses. Therefore, the promo code can expire at any time.

L’imprimante 3D Sidewinder-X1 artillery

Banggood: rising trader

Banggood dealer sees increase in popularity in France. There’s a reason for that: This site offers the entire world tech gadgets, from cell phones to drones not to mention connected stuff, at prices that are usually less expensive than the traditional e-commerce giant.

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And that is the peculiarity of Banggood. We are well used to the well-known sellers in France such as American Amazon, eBay, and French Cdiscount as well as Rakuten (former Minister of Prices). Banggood is an international e-commerce site that is supposed to expand completely without limits. This is how the prices offered change slightly overnight. This is caused by currency fluctuations between the euro offered to a European internet user and the dollar used as a reference.

But make no mistake: these are goods that, once you place your order, will be imported from Hong Kong or the United States. It should be noted that Banggood is developing its network of local warehouses in the ancient continent, allowing it to offer a delivery period of only a few days without risking additional costs or customs delays.

Another note: you’ll find the number of products available is impressive … and at the same time very small. And with good reason: products are represented by popular Asian brands like Huawei, Xiaomi, and OnePlus for mobile devices, but also DJI for drones, with generally no primary brands like Apple or Samsung. On the other hand, we discover devices from little-known Asian companies in France, in good numbers, visually appealing and at a lower price than analogues in brands we know well.

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