The Americans stopped the Canadians’ winning streak

This time, the Americans had the best 3-2 result in overtime thanks to a heroic double from Hilary Knight.

The United States wiped from 0-2 down in the third game to clinch their first win in a series that is preparing for the Olympics. They put an end to a streak of four losses against Canada.

The Canadians had won their first two games of the Rivalry series, having eliminated both clashes at the last World Championships, including the final.

The match took place in front of 4,212 spectators and a rowdy spectator in Kingston, Ontario.

Canada struck twice in less than two minutes early in the second half.

The Canadians first took advantage of the game’s first strength game to break the ice. Mary Philip Boleyn, used to this point, went there with a shot in the wrist that veered in heavy traffic in front of the net. It is the goal number 75 in the national team uniform for the Buceron striker.

Less than two minutes later, Pauline’s companion, Sarah Feller, netted by quickly clearing defender Micah Zande-Hart’s shot. Villiers already has four goals in three games in this series.

Whether he’s playing against the United States, against Finland or against the boys in Western Canada, head coach Troy Ryan often builds a core around two forwards and turns to complete the streak.

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He appreciates the qualities of Villiers who seem to be able to produce no matter who you end up with.

She is a player with good skills and is able to play quickly. We have the impression that she is more and more confident. We have seen it progress through the realms almost daily during Central.

Captain Mary Philip Boleyn enjoys playing the young Ontario striker.

You could say she’s a beginner who plays like a veteran. She is a very dynamic player. We’ve seen it earlier with Melody Doust and Natalie Spooner, and it was just fine. Here she is playing with us and things are going well too.

The Americans came out strongly at the beginning of the third game and scored two goals in less than two minutes in turn.

After seeing Hayley Scamora close the gap with one goal, it was America’s most experienced player Hilary Knight who put everyone back in square one with her first goal in the series. Then it was she who gave the victory to her in overtime.

I think we showed great flexibility, USA coach Joel Johnson analyzed. I don’t think we changed the way we played between the first, second and third half and it was great to see that we kept fighting.

The two big opponents will meet in Ottawa on Tuesday night for game four of the series that will run south of the border in December.

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Earlier in November, Canada won all three of its matches against Finland.

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