The American sun cuts the grass under De Clercks’ feet

Sun European Partners Fund has acquired the Belgian king of artificial turf Sports & Leisure Group. The De Clerck family, who was behind the Beaulieu group, showed interest.

At the beginning of the year, it was Checkers investment fund launched the sale belgium king of artificial turf Sports and leisure group (SLG). He instructed the Rothschilds to comb through the offers potential buyersIncluding a range of floor coverings Beaulieu of the de Klerk family عائلة.

but this Finally the Sun European Partners Fund that won, did we know? This is by payment Just under 300 million euros, or more than nine times the total operating surplus (ebitda) of SLG.



Sun European has a portfolio of 37 companies, including 16 on the Old Continent.

The operation was carried out by the Sun VII spacecraft, which amounted to about $ 2.3 billion. AdministrationJohn Benink (CEO) at the fore, reinvest, For its part, in the new construction and thus joined the Sun in the capital. Italian family Limonta, they arrived on the ship after capturing the group of the same name, He will also remain a contributor.

The European sun is already in Europe

from his side, SLG Checkers purchased nearly four years ago from Domo, Jan De Clerck’s group Since the division of the family empire in 1991. Under his auspices, the company headquartered in San Nicola . has achieved Leap forward, at the end of 2018, with the acquisition of its Italian counterpart Limonta.

20 million

Square meters

Twenty million square meters of artificial turf is rolled out from the SLG production line every year.

SLG, number one in Europe

The operation made SLG the number one in Europe and a global player in its sector. Likewise, it has strongly boosted SLG’s financial results. To prove, if in 2017 the group generated sales of just under 60 million eurosSome have reached 132 million euros in 2019. Last year, the company could have reached about 160 million in sales, of which the equivalent would have been recorded at just under 30 million.

Thus, three-quarters of the sales volume comes from the sports world, and the rest is attributed to garden centers.

The group has Four production sites It is based in Sint Nicolas, Bergamo (Italy), Asuncion (Paraguay) and Huizhou (China). Twenty million square meters of artificial turf roll off the production line every year. But Not just for football (Real Madrid, Milan, etc.). The artificial grass of the Flemish group is also used hockey, The Tennis, The Football and the golf.


  • Sports & Leisure Group (SLG) has been acquired by Sun European Partners.
  • The investment fund was to spend more than 270 million euros to achieve its goals.
  • Management is reinvesting in new construction. The Italian Limonta family will remain on board.
  • Since the acquisition of its peer Limonta in 2018, SLG has become the number one in Europe and a global player in its sector.

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